Forced Landing: IAC Diamond DA40, 5N-BRD, Ilorin, 25th November 2013


  • Report No
  • Reg. No
  • Operator
    International College of Aviation, Ilorin
  • Aircraft Type
    Diamond DA40D
  • Occurence
  • Report Date
    Thursday, April 25, 2019


Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) was notified of the accident by the International Aviation College (IAC) on 25th November, 2013. Investigators were dispatched the following day and commenced investigation into the circumstances surrounding the occurrence.

At 11:34 h, 5N-BRD on a Private Pilot License (PPL) Check Ride, departed runway 05, Ilorin International airport and commenced initial climb. During after-take off checks (i.e. landing light off, flaps up and climb power was set), at about 1,600 ft above mean sea level (AMSL) in climb, the load percentage decreased to 65%, engine RPM dropped drastically and subsequently the engine failed.

The Safety Pilot (SfP) took over control of the aircraft, verified that the throttle was at full power position, tried restarting the engine but the engine failed to restart. He commenced air return to the airfield and declared emergency, trimmed the aircraft to glide at a speed of 75 kt.

The aircraft force-landed short of runway 23 to the right and came to a stop, 596 m from the threshold. All the three occupants evacuated unhurt.

The accident occurred in daylight.

Causal Factor
Loss of engine power during initial climb caused by insufficient air supply into the inlet manifold due to constriction of the inner layer of the flexible hose connecting the alternate air valve to the turbocharger air inlet.

Contributory Factor
Poor maintenance practice as regards non-compliance with EASA AD No.: 2012-0024 for the replacement of the Turbocharger hose.

Four Safety Recommendations were made.

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