Reports are based on investigations carried out by Accident Investigation Bureau, in accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Nigerian Civil Aviation Act 2006, and Civil Aviation (Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents) Regulations.

In accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, it is not the purpose of aircraft accident/serious incident investigations to apportion blame or liability.

Readers are advised that Accident Investigation Bureau investigates for the sole purpose of enhancing aviation safety. Consequently, AIB reports are confined to matters of safety significance and should not be used for any other purpose.

# Report No Operator Reg. No. Aircraft Type Occurence Date Released Status
1 WINGS/2008/03/15/F WINGS Aviation 5N-JAH Beech 1900D Accident 21/05/2015 Final Report
2 01/2008 (BH/2007/08/03/F) Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N –BIQ Bell 412 EP Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report
3 DANA/2012/06/03/F Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited 5N-RAM Boeing MD-83 Accident 13/03/2017 Final Report
4 AIB/AERO/2008/03/24/F Aero Contractors Nigeria Ltd 5N-BJF Daulphin AS 365 N2 Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report
5 PICOMSS/07/05/2012/F Presidential Implementation Committee on… 5N-BKS Diamond DA-42 Serious Incident 13/03/2017 Final Report
6 AERO/08/21/2010/F Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Limi… 5N-BLE Boeing 737-500 Serious Incident 21/05/2015 Final Report
7 2/2009 (BLV 2005/10/22/F) Bellview Airlines Limited 5N – BFN Boeing 737 – 200 Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report
8 PAAN/2010/04/16/F Pan African Airlines Nigeria Limited 5N-BFU Bell 412 EP Accident 16/03/2016 Final Report
9 PAAN/2012/10/27/F Pan African Nigeria Limited 5N-BFF Bell 206 L4 Accident 16/03/2016 Final Report
10 04/375 Sky Power Express Airways 5N-AXM Bandeirante EMB 110 Accident 05/04/2001 Final Report
11 04/368 Federal Ministry of Civil Aviation Flyin… 5N-PAN Cessna-208 Caravan-I Amphibian Accident 13/04/2000 Final Report
12 04/365 Chanchangi Airlines YU-ANU Boeing 737- 200 Accident 20/02/2008 Final Report
13 ADC/2006 /10 /29/F) Aviation Development Company PLC 5N-BFK Boeing 737-2B7 Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report
14 04/354 Nigeria Airways Limited 5N-AUA Boeing 737-2179 Accident 18/07/1997 Final Report
15 Nil Aviation Development Company (Liberia) I… 5N-BEE McDONNEL-DOUGLAS DC-9-81 Accident 16/03/2013 Final Report
16 CIA. 148 OKADA Air 5N-AOT BAC-111 Accident 01/03/2008 Final Report
17 04/350 Aero Contractors (Nig.) Ltd 5N-EPN Dassault Avionn Falcon 20F Accident 06/06/1996 Final Report
18 OAS/2011/07/29/F OAS Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N-BKA Ecuruiel A 350 B2 Accident 13/03/2017 Final Report
19 04/344 Nigeria Airways Limited 5N-ABK Boeing 707-320C Accident 30/05/1996 Final Report
20 OAS/2006/11/10/F OAS Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N-BHU AS 350 B2 Accident 21/05/2015 Final Report