Sunday, March 11, 2018

The attention of the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has been drawn to a trending social media post about a Serious Incident on Arik Air Flight W3304 to have occurred on Tuesday, 06 March 2018. This is to confirm that the incident occurred and it is classified as ‘serious incident’ in accordance with the ICAO Annex 13.

AIB sincerely wishes to acknowledge and thank the concerned passenger(s) that reported the occurrence on social media, for being socially conscious citizen(s), and assure him/them and the flying public alike, that the institutions lawfully charged with the responsibility of investigating accidents and serious incidents by both countries (Nigeria and Ghana) are already conducting investigation on this serious incident, in accordance with strict ICAO Annex 13 on accident and serious investigation.

The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) under its new management, in the last fourteen months, has been working round the clock to conclude all accidents and serious incidents, some of which dates back as far as 2008.

This  is  why  in  the  last  twelve  months  AIB  concluded  10 Accident/ serious Incident Reports, published and released the final Reports to the world with 39 SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS targeted  at  NCAA,  Airlines,  FAAN, NAMA, Service providers, Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers . They can all be accessed on the AIB website.

Furthermore,  Preliminary Reports  of  the most recent  three accidents and serious incidents, occurring in 2018, i.e. Delta Airlines, Nestoil, & Dana Airlines, were promptly released within three weeks of their occurrences.

This is record-breaking feat: and the first time ever in the history of Nigeria.

The Honourable Minister of State Aviation and all government agencies under his watch are working together to make sure that our airspace is safe, all our airlines are operating safe, and, that safety is paramount, remains our foremost objective and is given the expected attention in line with global best practice, as well as the right levels of seriousness every aspect of the aviation business deserves.

Thus, under Senator Hadi Sirika’s watch and reference to verifiable facts and figures, Nigerian aviation has moved away from the era of aviation fatal crashes to an environment of greater safety and non-fatal accidents. This is an indication that we are steadily; albeit, progressively moving towards an accident  free  ‘air  environment’  as  much  as  is humanly possible. It is noteworthy, that from February 2016 till date (a two-year time frame) since this present administration, no death and no fatality has occurred in the area of Air Transportation in Nigeria.

Air accidents and serious incidents are not peculiar to Nigeria or Africa only. Accidents happen in the world over; however, when they do occur it is the responsiveness and professionalism of the relevant agencies like AIB, saddled by law with investigation responsibility which ensures that they carry out the specialized thorough investigations and come up with timely reports that engender and enable learning from mistakes; in order to forestall future occurrences. Thus, improving safety across the broad spectrum of the aviation sector and all for the common good of the public.

As a well-informed society, AIB appreciates the contribution of Nigerians working as responsible partners with AIB to ensure accidents are promptly reported and investigated.

We would appeal that Nigerians adopt the direct approach of reporting air accidents and serious incidents by downloading the AIB APP mobile-application-how-to-download-the-app to their phones and tablets so that accidents and serious incidents can be promptly notified to the appropriate quarters in good time rather than resorting to social media public space, which often times, leaves room for speculations, misrepresentation and misinformation that do not support the global objective of safety but creates an unreasonable apprehension of fear in the public space.

Rest assured that the current AIB team are well trained professional aviators, with the necessary expertise, skills-set and equipment resources with strong will and passion to do the right thing towards achieving best results in line with global standards and best practice.


Thank you. Sincerely,

The Commissioner/CEO Accident Investigation Bureau

Signed By
Tunji Oketunbi