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The Accident Investigation Bureau has been awarded the Best Government Exhibition Agency at the just concluded 2018 Abuja International Trade fair as a result its vast awareness created. This is the latest in the series of awards the agency has been garnering in the last one year.

While congratulating the team that coordinated the participation of the Bureau at the yearly event, the Commissioner of AIB, Engr. Akin Olateru enjoined all staff of the agency to keep the Bureau’s flag flying adding that AIB was poised to take its right place as a leading accident investigation body in the world.

While receiving the award, the General Manager, Public Affairs, Mr. Tunji Oketunbi said that AIB was pleased to be recognised, adding that Abuja International Trade Fair is a viable platform to promote and strengthen businesses, trade investment opportunities in the country, with over three thousand (3000) exhibitors and millions of visitors on yearly basis.

He stated that AIB has reiterated its commitment to ensuring swift response and safety in the investigation into aircraft accident and incident in the country.

The theme of the fair is “Enhancing SMEs in Agribusiness through Innovative Technology”

The Bureau staged a big rally at the trade fair, which attracted millions of visitors to showcase the activities of the accident investigation body.

Mr. Oketunbi at the rally, which was organised to mark AIB Special Day at the Fair, enlightened the general public on the functions, activities and the processes, which the Bureau deploy to carry out its investigations.

Also showcased were the Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder popularly known as the “Black Box”, the devices used by the investigators to collect information on the aircraft and the conversations of the pilot before any occurrence.

He stated that the purpose of any investigation is to determine the circumstances and causes of the accident and to make safety recommendations, if necessary; with a view to avoiding such reoccurring in the future.  He added that the Bureau does not apportion blame or liability to anyone from its findings.

Oketunbi also implored the general public to download the Bureau’s mobile application to give a firsthand eyewitness report on any account of aircraft accident or incident around them and access past accident reports.

Abuja Trade Fair has proven over the years to be an avenue to accelerate and promote the growth of the aviation business industry, promote the aviation sector of the Nigerian economy, direct attention on the private sector and attract direct foreign investments into the country.

By Oketunbi Tunji at 16 Oct 2018, 16:18 PM
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